We hope you enjoy our tenth post in this series, to be published on April 22nd : T, as in Taking a Stance.

For 25 years, we've been working closely with executive teams, we've been accompanying their ambitious plans and assisting them tackle the difficulties their members face on a daily basis.

Under this heading, we'll propose sharing these experiences, through the lens of our own experiences.

In the form of blog posts, we'll expose the pitfalls of the ExCom in its own words. The elements of language used within this decision-making body influence and even shape: the approaches adopted, the operational dynamics, the decision-making processes, and the means by which in-house teams are mobilized.

As these issues are discussed, the words employed make reference to (sometimes) helpful concepts, although the language introduced can also undermine these teams' operating efficiency.

Our intention here naturally is to provoke discussion, but more than that to challenge many preconceptions, for the purpose of aiding our readers better define their positions and stances in the role of senior manager.